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In accordance with the
Go DIRect Program, two items are needed prior to the vendor beginning work:

A Statement of Work (SOW) that is in compliance with Appendix C of this Contract and signed by both customer and vendor.

A Purchase Order.
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Contract #: DIR-SDD-892


The Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR) offers Deliverables-Based IT Services (DBITS) to Texas governmental and public educational entities through DIR's Go DIRect Program. MAXIMUS is pleased to be an approved Texas DIR Go DIRect vendor.

Our History in Texas
Since 1981, MAXIMUS has proven itself as a trusted partner at the state and local levels, effectively and efficiently completing more than 700 projects in Texas. Nearly 50 of those projects are active today, including the 1,900-employee Texas Eligibility Support Services Project. This experience makes the MAXIMUS employees in Texas and the many people who support them and other Texas projects at our headquarters in Northern Virginia so proficient in their work. MAXIMUS has a staff of experienced, qualified employees in the Health Services, Consulting and Federal Services Segments with experience on multiple projects.

We are authorized to provide Texas DIR customers with services in the following categories, and would be happy to meet with you to show how we can help with:

Information Technology Assessments and Planning

Project Management

Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation



Information Technology Assessments and Planning

Through DIRís DBITS Program, MAXIMUS offers IT Assessments and Planning solutions that may include IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, project management and architecture. MAXIMUS also offers Strategic Planning Activities, such as mission statement development, visioning, and the development of IT goals, objectives and strategies.
In addition to multiple technology initiatives related to the Texas ESS Project, MAXIMUS has leveraged its software and methodology to help more than 130 academic institutions, including 11 in Texas, recover an average of $98 million in indirect annual research costs.


Project Management

MAXIMUS provides a variety of project management consulting services to federal, state and local government. In addition to supporting the State of Texas with CHIP, Medicaid, Food Stamps and other services MAXIMUS also provides child support enforcement services, and business process and consulting services for several State agencies,
17 counties, 60 cities and municipal governments, 17 school districts and 20 institutions of higher learning, utilities, transportation authorities and nonprofit organizations. MAXIMUS has the experience and expertise necessary to help improve your organizationís program operations and performance.

Technology Migration/Upgrade

MAXIMUS offers Technology Upgrades and Migration to increase business functionality, reengineer business functions, ensure current vendor upgrades or upgrade existing technology. We can convert or migrate legacy applications to new technology either with new business functionality or introduce new technology. We can also provide website content accessibility compliance. MAXIMUS has experience maintaining and upgrading websites for the Texas ESS Project, California Healthy Families, New York Medicaid CHOICE, Indiana Enrollment Broker, Iowa Hawk-I and other large-scale projects.

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MAXIMUS is an approved
Go DIRect Program vendor.
The Go DIRect Program allows customers to purchase items directly from a DIR-contracted vendor.

Customers contact the vendor for product and pricing information and send their purchase orders (with the DIR contract number) and payments directly to the Go DIRect vendor not to DIR. This streamlines the entire order process so customers receive their orders more quickly.

Our Contract:
Contract #: DIR-SDD-892
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Ready to Serve

MAXIMUS is a leading provider of government services and is devoted to providing health and human services program management and consulting services to its clients. The company has more than 6,000 employees located in more than 220 offices in the United States, Canada and Australia. MAXIMUS has more than 1,900 employees in Texas, where it provides enrollment and eligibility support for CHIP, Medicaid, Food Stamps and other vital assistance programs.